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Condition Management Programme

The Condition Management Programme (CMP) helps individuals to manage their health condition and encourages them to progress towards, move into and stay in employment. The programme is led by healthcare professionals, such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists and mental health nurses.

The Condition Management Programme (CMP) gives support and advice to help clients manage conditions including: arthritic complaints, back and neck problems, chronic fatigue, depression, pain, stress, heart, circulatory and respiratory disorders.

CMP can last for up to 12 sessions and assists individuals to better understand their condition, improve day to day functioning, increase their confidence and improve the prospects of returning to work or staying I work.

CMP practitioners offer advice, education and support in dealing with:

  • dealing with stress, anxiety, low mood and depression
  • coping with pain and fatigue
  • relaxation techniques
  • communicating with confidence
  • developing a healthier lifestyle
  • exploring potential options that will help progress towards employment or help make a successful return to work
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